The school has a distinctive and attractive uniform which students are proud to wear and which staff and parents regard as an important part of the school’s identity. The school colours are steel blue, rose and white.

The school expects all students to wear the recommended and practical school uniform at school, and generally during school functions and while on school excursions. By wearing this dress students take a greater pride in their appearance and identify with the school.

Parents ask that we maintain this policy of school uniform. It is cheaper to clothe children for schooling in this manner, than to provide an assortment of casual clothes. It also avoids competition in the wearing of clothing.

Student pride in a neat and tidy school dress avoids both the distractions that can occur at school and the decisions, which must be made when students wear a vast array of styles. Because the school has the strong support of parents in this policy, all students are required to wear the recommended dress.

Parents and students have selected the designs and colours of uniform items. It is expected that new parents to the school will support the School Association and the staff of the school by ensuring that their children wear the school uniform with pride.

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