The school’s Discipline Policy emphasises the resolution of conflict through negotiation and discussion and focuses on students’ capacities to accept the consequences of their actions.


In general terms the policy has the following main features.

  • Problems which occur between teachers and students should always be settled between them.
  • We expect that students should bring positive relationships to the functioning of all classrooms.
  • Where behaviour is irresponsible and interferes with the learning of other students, action will be taken.

Action may involve many steps, including:

  • Trying to anticipate problems before they occur
  • Trying to deal with the problems when they occur
  • Where necessary isolating the student in the classroom so work can continue
  • Removing the student from the classroom, allowing a calming-down period, and counselling by other school personnel (Class Teacher, Grade Co-ordinator, Assistant Principal,).
  • Contacting Parents, Guidance Officer, Grade Co-ordinator if not already involved
  • If the problems cannot be solved, suspension from school

Exclusion from a subject-teaching group will result in a student being supervised by their Class Teacher or Grade Co-ordinator.


The emphasis in the policy is thus upon a resolution of conflict by negotiation, and upon accepting the consequences of one’s own actions.



Student Code of Behaviour


The primary purpose of this school is to provide high quality learning and teaching.  A crucial factor in the achievement of this objective is the nature of the relationships between the members of the school community.  There are values and social behaviours that underpin this school and that are essential to our operation.  These include honesty, fairness and a respect for and a toleration of others’ talents, differences, personalities, backgrounds, opinions, beliefs, ideas and property.  It is the responsibility of all to ensure that their behaviour allows these basic values and rights to be enjoyed.


There are several key areas that emphasise the fundamental value of respect for all members of the school community that we hold as significant.





All students have the right to learn and all teachers have the right to teach and work in a pleasant atmosphere without interference or hindrance.


It is expected that all students will:

  • Bring necessary equipment, books and completed homework to all classes as requested
  • Be prepared for all lessons, grade time, practical classes and excursions, and arrive on time
  • Be prepared to catch up for lost time as requested
  • Abide by legitimate classroom instructions




All students and teachers have the right to learn and work in a clean, safe and pleasant atmosphere.


All students must:

  • Help keep the school clean and tidy by using rubbish bins
  • Show care for the school gardens, furniture and property and for the property of others
  • Obey work-safety rules and not interfere with any safety equipment
  • Pay for or repair any deliberate or wilful damage to the school.




All teachers and students have the right to teach and learn free from disruption and discourtesy.  The tolerance of other people’s differences including gender, physical differences, social, religious, cultural, racial background, skills and abilities is encouraged as an essential element of a caring and supportive school.


All members of the Rose Bay High school community have the right to:

  • Be treated with courtesy and respect
  • Have their sense of self-worth and their contribution to the school recognised by all

The school aims to promote the use of positive language that reinforces appropriate behaviour and to encourage the resolution of difficulties through mediation or arbitration.  All students should be aware that harassment, teasing, put downs, swearing, discourtesy and aggressive behaviour are not acceptable forms of social behaviour.  Offenders can expect a punishment commensurate with the offence.