About us

Rose Bay High School sits proudly above the Tasman Bridge overlooking the beautiful Derwent River.

Founded in 1961, Rose Bay has a rich and proud tradition of quality public education. Our shared vision is of a school that enables each student to achieve their potential in an environment that is safe, positive and welcoming and provides high quality opportunities that motivate all students, meets their needs and prepares them for an ever changing future. All school data is closely examined by the school community with a view to improving student learning, building teacher capacity and refining school processes.

With a 2020 enrolment of 678 students, we offer a broad curriculum and a range of opportunities for all students to achieve excellence in academic, creative, social, cultural, sporting and community events.  We know that the individual wellbeing of our students is paramount to successful outcomes and we aim always to provide a school environment that allows every student to thrive as they work towards achieving their personal best performance. We set high expectations and provide enriching and innovative learning experience. We value relationships and connections with the community and we encourage our students to develop respectful relationships with their peers, teachers and the broader community. We work hard to develop and sustain productive partnerships and connections with our parents, local schools and businesses and our partner primary schools and Colleges.

Our students and their parents can have the greatest confidence that Rose Bay High School will respond to their educational and individual needs in the pursuit of a rigorous and rewarding educational program that responds to their aspirations and abilities.